Ocean 13

Open Water Adventure Mediterranean

How many times did you go on the beach road, you have gone near Atlit, you have seen the stunning bay and the old fort and were hoping you could swim there?

allocates 2.5 km | Heat 6 km
distances are full. Unable to swim just some distance and get on the boat.
places on the boat reserved for emergencies.

Speed, pace, and another
program is called Expedition style swimming Swimming – stuck to one of the swimmers, accompanied by a kayak and motorboat.
perch to 6 km planned to swim in two groups:
Group swim at a pace of 15-18 minutes per mile.
Group swim at a rate of 20 – 23 minutes per mile.
scheduled break (eating and drinking): After 60 minutes of swimming.
assigns the 2.5 km is for swimmers start (or Veteran with no experience swimming in the sea). Group swim at a pace of 25 minutes per mile.

 NIS 150 registration until Thursday – 14:08:14 12:00
Late registration NIS 220. You can register through Tuesday – 02:09:13 12:00
ointment payment for participation includes:
– escort kayaks, boats, guides and angels
– Water
– Deployment late anointing
payment does not include costs of transportation, lodging and food!



I. Payment and Personal Information Questionnaire
Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and complete the payment here 

(Payment is made through a secure site).


II. Statements
do not we flak 'you family doctor and tests Ergometry. The only insurance requirements electronically fulfill two statements:
Statement of Health
statement s participation in training
those of you who have played in the past, it will make it easier on us if you fill up again …

We need volunteers during the event to escort motor boats, assisting in the registry before the race and more …
Any help is welcome!
volunteering please contact email.

feel free to send us an email info@ti-swim.co.il any questions.
questions and inquiries on the race, please contact:
Limor Coleman: 052-3267458  
Galia Zohar: 052-8003325
Mali and Iz'nsky :050-2010755